PID Self-Image Test for Driving Schools

The PID Self-Image Test is a new digital tool for schools to improve their services by effectively predicting risk behavior of students and by giving teachers an overview of the students´ personality. The test has been widely adopted by Finnish driving schools, with over 30,000 users until 2017. The PID system is based on the work of Matti Laitinen who has fine-tuned the method for 30 years and tested face-to-face more than 20,000 customers from politicians to business leaders. 

Get to know your students

In schools, the PID Self-Image Test can be done by both students and teachers. The students get to know their own personality better which is motivating. The teacher, on the other hand, learns how to approach the student and how to take into account their individual needs. The teacher will know in advance how a particular student reacts under pressure. Teachers also learn, in their own personality test, what kind of first impression they give from the students´ point of view, and how they affect the behavior of a particular student. The PID test results are compact and easy to approach.

The school´s advantage

From the school point of view, the PID Self-Image Test testing speeds up learning and improves the service of the school. The work of the teachers becomes easier and more rewarding when the common wavelength with the students is found very quickly. The test provides a common language to confront various sides of each one´s personal character.

The PID method serves the needs of modern education, and takes it pedagogically to a new level.


“The PID test results are true to every detail. I get to know what kind of student I´m facing, how to get along with them and how they react under pressure. The results are compact and easy to understand.´

Heikki Polojärvi

“The test gave me a got a lot of useful information. I use it to write my CV and to contemplate my career choices. However, the best outcome was to learn how I behave in stressful situations.´

Satu Parikka

“The PID Self-Image Test has been an excellent tool for our school in recognizing different learners. It has helped us to become better teachers and to improve the quality of teaching. This has resulted in more satisfied students and better percentages of passing in the tests.´

Terho Saari
Entrepreneur, teacher